Trump Politics with Empathy

Fight Fear with Empathy

There is a lot of fear and anxiety after the recent election results. One of the best ways to trump this fear is empathy.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you can use empathy to continue to move forward instead of getting mired in arguments, attacking thoughts, conflicts, voids, shortages, and obstacles.  In order to understand the viewpoints, we must have forgiveness. First, we must have forgiveness for ourselves because we could not give what we don’t have. Then, we must share our forgiveness with others.

Many people are asking, “How did Trump win?” Well, Trump was able to effectively communicate his truth. We all know that the truth vibrates the fastest and, sooner or later, the truth will always come out. Many people had mistrust for not only Trump but also for Hillary Clinton. Her truth did not resonate with as many people. The truth always comes out with these election results and results were that Clinton was not living closest to her truth.

Avoid Ego

A tip for Trump’s future success would be to avoid the pitfalls of his ego.  Our ego needs to be right. Our ego wants us to feel superior. It needs to feel separate and get recognition. It would be extremely helpful if Trump lets go of his ego and focused on the goodness that his presidential powers can bring. Use the reverse Ben Franklin Effect to fully take advantage of connecting to not only everyone in the U. S., but everyone in the world. Ask those with situational knowledge for their advice and counsel. Donald Trump must surround himself with the right people and the right ideas to make his decisions more efficient, effective, and statistically successful.


One of the best ways that we can truly make America great again is to effectively communicate and remain empathetic. Effective communication and empathy will connect us all. Instead of getting into Facebook arguments, Twitter wars, and heated face to face debates, we need to effectively share the differences and unite with commonality and compromise. Please, be receptive to others’ ideas, while others are thinking and being receptive to yours. If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at will change. If we can all live closer to our truths, forgive ourselves (and others), and avoid the negativities of the ego, we can all trump politics with Empathy.

By: David Meltzer


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