How Do You Make Tough Decisions As a Manager?

David Meltzer discusses how a manager makes tough decisions

One thing I know is if you try to please everyone in business you’ll end up pleasing no one. As a manager or leader, we often encounter the urge to make everyone happy. The impossibility of this task led me to realize that I’d rather people hate me for who I am than love me for who I’m not.

Reasons, Impacts, Capabilities

I need to analyze the reasons and impacts of all decisions in order to understand the capabilities that each employee has or that they need to have in order to execute on our plan. A lot of times an employee may take more time to manage than it would take to do the job yourself. We need to effectively prioritize what needs to be done. If something has to be done and we can do it ourselves, we should do it now. If we have the time to empower those below us to help us then we should take the time to empower them to accomplish the less important tasks.

Take Advantage of Time

We must allot time in order to train people to effectively execute on our plan if we cannot do it ourselves. It is important to take time as a leader to pause and look introspectively. Come to a place of balance that reinforces the belief that everything and everyone in our business is interconnected. We need to take time and use empathy to allow negative emotions to dissipate as we’re teaching people that cannot or have not met our expectations. We need to make those tough decisions in a timely manner.

Communication and Inspiration

To run an inspired business, we need to have gratitude to give us perspective or the positive execution of our plan. Empathy is having forgiveness for those who don’t know what they don’t know. Accountability liberates ourselves and helps us understand that we are 100% accountable for our business. Finally, remember the importance of effective communication. With a multitude of mediums to connect so many different people, of so many different ages, effective communication is imperative to inspire individuals or the team.

Give and Take

We must live in abundance, not scarcity, to shift the paradigm in the sports industry. Move away from the consciousness of scarcity as the defining element of value in this very competitive space. We must allow people to create (and be creative) as it makes people feel valued. As compassionate managers, we need to know how to give as well as take and stay mindful of what we are breathing into our team and our business.

Firm Hand, Not Iron Fist

In order to be an effective communicator we must let our team know what is expected of them; great accountability, staying on task, and the patience for them to be empowered to learn how things are done. Ask ourselves the tough questions. Are we creating a culture of awareness, compassion, and authenticity? Leadership is an art of making the possible visible to the point it becomes probable. Inspiration makes possibilities into reality. We must not only enjoy the pursuit of our potential as individuals but as a team and a company.

By: David Meltzer


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