Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Health

David Meltzer discusses how to invest in yourself

Weight is an issue for so many people, especially middle-aged men and women. At my Mastermind group, which has some of the greatest thought leaders in our country, the battle of the beer belly is a very common topic. Over the last two years, my own personal weight has been the issue. I needed to find a solution to prioritize my own personal health over all the other things that I do from running Sports 1 Marketing, to speaking, writing books, having four kids and a wonderful wife, my huge family, and multiple friends with a ton of charitable events and endeavors.

Where to invest?

The usual suggestions from my peers ranged from odd diets and cleanses, to exercise programs,  gluten-free, organic, and even to the extent that one of the suggestions was that our Mastermind group have a weight-loss contest. If we could not meet our goals within the next eight weeks, which is when we meet next, the loser would have to write a check for $25,000 to the person that has screwed us over the most in our life. Unbeknownst to them, that person would receive a $25,000 check.

The idea seemed interesting, but as I had time to think more about it, there were two things that were holding me back from wanting to participate. First, I did not want to create a shortage, void, or obstacle for myself. Secondly, I do not want to rely on this idea from an outside source. Occasionally, we get advice from people that may not have the appropriate situational knowledge. We ask people who love us to give us advice, but they give us bad advice a lot of the time because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Taking action

After a keynote I delivered a couple of weeks ago, a gentleman from Stark Behavioral Health came up to me and said he is going to trust the laws of the universe and offer me six weeks of training and exercise for no charge. He knew that I was ready to improve my health and said I need to invest in myself. That resonated with me. It also resonated with me back in law school when I was going to drop out to sell golf clubs in Japan for six figures; both my uncle and my mom told me the exact same thing. If you’re not going to invest in yourself, what are you going to invest in?

I have started the process over the last two weeks of investing in myself. Changing my lifestyle, prioritizing my family first, and then my health, nutrition, and exercise second over the business and charitable ventures that I have, and I feel terrific.

Everyone should invest in themselves. If you’re not going to invest in yourself, what are you going to invest in?

By: David Meltzer


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