Entrepreneurs: Make America Great Again

David Meltzer discusses entrepreneurs and success
Impact of Entrepreneurs

How can entrepreneurs make America great again? Entrepreneurs should always be humble, in times of success and times of failure. They must surround themselves with the right people and the right ideas. These are the people that have the situational knowledge or are in the position that they want to be in. In order to succeed, we must create good and effective habits. This is the combination of not only desire but skills and knowledge.

How to Succeed

We need to make our mission to stay in business. Each day before we have any other action items or dreams which we want to complete, we must first make sure that we stay in business. All great businesses evolve, and if we can stay in business, we are guaranteed to evolve as well.

How Not to Fail

Desire is not enough. We need skill and knowledge to execute the tasks and work through problems. One of the best things that we can do is ask for help. Do not let our ego get in the way and always be honest because the truth vibrates the fastest. Understand all your strengths and your weaknesses.  Desire will come with the help from others.

Set yourself up for statistical success, putting in place systems that run efficiently. Make sure that you do it now! Every minute that you wait to do something, it takes you at least twice as much time to accomplish. Try to make all your failures teachable moments. Trust the universe and realize that everything will happen in the right way at the perfect time. Focus on the present, and you won’t worry about the outcome. The outcome will fix itself as it evolves, just as you evolve and your business evolves.

How to Detach

Realize that you are responsible for everything in your business and that the stress is good. I remember a story with a man sitting on a tree next to a cocoon, and a butterfly was trying to tear its way out. There was a little hole in the cocoon and he took his knife to assist the butterfly. Unfortunately, the butterfly came out of the cocoon and died. Our life is like a cocoon. We need to struggle. We need to get stronger and stronger, and if somebody helps us without us being empowered, we won’t be strong enough to fly.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Always challenge yourself

And remember, like a blade of grass, the hardest part is right before we’re about to break through

By: David Meltzer


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