Gratitude App

Make "Thank You" a Habit

Utilize the Gratitude reminder system to build effective habits and complete the 30 day challenge; saying or thinking “thank you” twice a day for 30 straight days.


Never miss an opportunity to show your Gratitude. Use the Gratitude App to show your appreciation by sending personalized thank you cards to your loved ones.


Add a personalized and efficient touch to your communications by instantly scheduling follow-up e-mails after a meeting and send personalized notes to colleagues or friends.

The Gratitude App is based on four core principles:

Gratitude, Empathy, Effective Communication, and Accountability.  

Scientific research has proven that adding “thank you” into your daily routine leads to a happier life and subconsciously develops effective habits.  

The Gratitude App will help you discover a new way to increase gratitude, develop effective habits, send personalized thank you’s, and innovate the way you communicate in business and life.