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David Meltzer discusses content
Enough content?

People always ask the question of whether there’s too much, or not enough, content. We spend most of our free time sifting through all different types to find something of value. Despite the vast amount out there, there always seems to be a shortage of quality content. Everyone in the industry is begging for good content. The masses consume it at such an extremely high rate, especially the ADD generation, and then just move on. Take smash hits from Netflix, like “Stranger Things” as an example.  That show was a viral hit and now we hear very little from it, apart from occasional updates on the second season.

Importance of Alignment

How do we provide great content? The first step is to understand the importance of alignment. I’m a firm believer that everything already exists, it’s our job to access it. What’s the best way to access it? It’s to be more interested than interesting. Contemplate the reasons, impacts, and capabilities for the composition. What were the reasons for creating the content, does your audience really need to know the information, and what is the impact it will have on them? Make sure it’s aligned with either your business and/or your personal audience. Content that is not well-aligned is usually ineffective, and can even harm your business or your brand.

Importance of Impact

Think about the impact you’re trying to have on the audience. Great content often informs an audience how to solve a problem, or emotionally aligns with them and moves them. Can you connect your audience with something that inspires them? Understand the impacts your content will have on your business and how effective it needs to be. Do not forget about the impact of ineffective content either. Identifying whether the impact you have on your audience is long-lasting or short-lived is vital to developing a successful media strategy. Staying power is a cornerstone of great content.  Can you remember the first time you heard Peyton Manning’s Nationwide jingle? How about the last time?

Importance of Evaluation

We must evaluate ourselves and our company as well as be able to objectively evaluate the things we create. What are the capabilities of the content that we create or created? What are the capabilities of the creators? Time is an important factor for content creators. Make sure you have the resources to get the job done. These include time, inventory, and skills. Understanding what capabilities you do not have is very important when it comes to efficiently creating content.

Focus on the alignment and value of your content and you will royally succeed as a “king of content”.

By: David Meltzer


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