Accountability, living above the line!

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When we do something at work that is good or praiseworthy, it’s human nature to feel good about that accomplishment. It feels good to be recognized for the positive things we do in our jobs, community, or personal life. It’s easy to be accountable when things are going well; it’s part of who we are as people. sports technology

What about when things don’t go well?

We all know that in business, sports, and life we can distinguish ourselves by being accountable. To be accountable is to take responsibility for everything we do. We hear all the time in football how someone “missed their assignment” or in baseball how a pitcher “didn’t execute his pitches.” The true measure of a person isn’t the action itself it’s the reaction; it’s how that player or person responds and whether or not they “fall below the line” into blame, shame, and justification.

Most people (especially the successful ones) will tell you that the best way to get in your own way and not manifest what you desire is to live below this line. We must be accountable for everything that happens in our lives. There are countless examples of entire companies failing because one person wasn’t accountable for their mistake. The company did not fail because of the mistake but because they did not take accountability. Unfortunately, sooner or later the truth comes out. sports technology

Do yourself a favor, liberate yourself and realize you are accountable for everything you have attracted in your life.

How does that work? Think of how much easier it is to look at things from the perspective of “what am I doing in my life that is causing these things to happen to me?” Not only are you taking the position of being accountable, but you’re also improving the way you live at the same time. What a concept! By acknowledging that something in your life isn’t aligned and keeping you from being connected to goodness, you’re taking accountability and are better prepared to change course and get reconnected. sports technology

Tom Brady may be forced to learn this lesson. Instead of emphatically denying his participation or knowledge of “deflate gate” he should have taken accountability at the time. Tom should have said “I should have known” or “I am responsible for making sure my team follows all the rules!.” Look at Clemens and Pettitte…Clemens still lives in blame, shame and justification where Pettitte took accountability and had very little trouble.

You will remain powerless until you realize that you can sit at a stop sign and someone runs into the back of your car that you are ultimately accountable. You can and will manifest everything you desire! You can even manifest shortages, voids and obstacles so be very careful with your thoughts and actions!

Never allow yourself to blame someone or something else for what isn’t going right in your life. I promise if you do this, you will be liberated and manifest happiness accurately and more rapidly.

Live above the line!