5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Momentum

David Meltzer discusses maximizing momentum
  1. AAA strategy: Action, Alignment, Adjustment

Take action, get alignment, and most importantly, prepare for adjustment. This always allows for maximizing momentum for success. Take, for example, the teams who made the great runs in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. They use that idea to build on consistent success, and one of them is doing it slightly better than the rest. Take both teams in the NCAA Final Game as an example.

Villanova ultimately took the appropriate action, aligned with the objective, but most importantly prepared for adjustment in the last game where, with only 4.7 seconds left, the Wildcats ran the perfect play for a wide open 3 pointer and victory. North Carolina also used this idea to persevere through the NCAA issues swirling around them all year round due to academic fraud scandal. They still possess eleventh ranked recruiting class, which is rated higher than the other Final Four teams. Villanova’s class is ranked forty-sixth, Syracuse’s class thirty-first, and Oklahoma’s checks in at twenty-eighth. The AAA strategy allowed both teams to maximize the momentum by taking the appropriate action, getting alignment, and preparing for adjustment after the nets came down.

  1. Cancel, Clear, Connect

Make sure that we are canceling any negative thoughts, clearing our mind of any subconscious beliefs or doubts that we may have, and connecting to what inspires us. Take, for example, golfers when they want to continue to play well and maintain their momentum especially in the upcoming Masters Championship.

Golfers can be very fragile as we’ve seen, from Tiger Woods to David Duvall before him, to Phil Mickelson before him. Australian pro Jason Day has done the opposite, he’s been playing out of his mind lately. He’s got two wins in a row at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and WGC Match Play tournament. He even beat two players with major wins, Rory McIlroy in the semis and Louis Oosthuizen in the final, to secure the match play victory.

Unfortunately, on the heels of that success, Jason Day is suffering from flu-like symptoms and he must clear his mind, cancel any negative thoughts that he has, and connect to what inspires him. He’s also been delayed in getting to the Masters because of those symptoms, which could cause other issues in keeping his mind from canceling negative thoughts, clearing his subconscious beliefs, and connecting to the inspiration knowing that he might be the greatest golfer right now—no matter what challenges arise he must get out of his own way and perform to his highest ability.

  1. Remove yourself from the bad AND good opinions of others.

The UConn women’s team was 10-0 in NCAA title games, including 3 consecutive wins, heading into Tuesday night’s game. Team leader Brianna Stewart might be the greatest women’s college basketball player of all time. She just won her third straight Associated Press Player of the Year award and they’ve cruised to the finals once again, but they must not believe their own “bullshit”. They must separate themselves from the kind as well as the bad opinions of others to continue to maximize their momentum. Geno Auriemma is known to keep his team and players grounded by demanding more to realize and maximize their momentum, and that is why they are champions again.

  1. Leverage your situational knowledge.

Take, for example, the Georgia football program that basically started from scratch this season. They brought in a cadre of seasoned coaches (especially to the strength and conditioning staff) to create situational knowledge and a culture for success to maximize the program’s newfound momentum under Kirby Smart, turn it around, and continue their success which you’ll see this upcoming football season. By having more situational knowledge in terms of championship-caliber play, statistical success, and efficiency, the program’s momentum is far greater than it’s ever been. Georgia actually may not choke if they maximize their momentum this year …so watch out BCS Championship!

  1. The Power of 64.

Use the Power of 64 to work twice as many productive hours, so we can work twice as efficiently and be twice as statistically successful. Just like every year, the San Antonio Spurs will reach the playoffs again, this time without losing at home, even though on paper they don’t seem to compare to the Cavaliers, let alone the Golden State Warriors.

Productivity in the Work Place as a Concept

The reason for their prosperity stems from their desire to find the easiest, most effective, and statistically successful ways to do things. They rest at the appropriate time. They play team basketball in every sense. They pass and shoot statistically high shots. The Warriors, even though they’ve been most efficient offensively as well, have players like the league’s most effective scorer Steph Curry, which makes things easier.

Creating systems of efficiency can help you maximize your momentum, like the Spurs who are undefeated at home this season and Golden State, who just lost their first home game but won 54 games in a row. The Warriors should watch out for burn-out trying to break the bulls single-season victory record they should use the power of 64 to keep their eye on the true prize, a back-to-back NBA Championship.

These 5 strategies for maximizing momentum will help carry on our inspiration as well as our execution in manifesting what we desire in sports, business, and life.


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